Masseuses of Vereya

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Rest is necessary as air, breaks in work - are required, and which will lead the body in a tone better than a massage ?! Only quality massage for adults. The strong but sensitive hands of experienced masseuses achieve complete nirvana is not difficult, the main thing - to know what exactly you want.


The choice - for the customer!


Whichever method is chosen, all will be held at 5 +. Only high-quality services are provided by the girl - masseuse Vereya. They are used in his "activity":


  • aromatic or essential oils;
  • special creams and emulsions;
  • bamboo sticks;
  • hands and fingers;
  • body parts;
  • lips, tongue.


A timeless classic


For the ultimate in relaxation of the whole body or specific parts (for collar area, back, chest, legs) is best suited classic massage. Performed using hand creams and oils.


Few exotics


One of the most exciting techniques - "sakura branch." In the usual sense, it is not massage, and a Misk tactile effects on the skin, which are the language, lips girl with ice. On the client placed the chest pieces of frozen water, which from the heat begin to melt and form streams. These water track tongue licks masseuses, alternated with passionate kisses on the skin and hot breath. Gradually the girl down to the hips, groin and penis. Further developments on request: sakura branch goes either blow or passionate intercourse.


Where is the pen?


Massage hands and feet feet is able to deliver a strong emotional feeling. This region has a large number of nerve endings, the impact of which gives a strong stimulating effect.


The site most skilled masseuses and liberated Vereya: look easy, it's hard to choose - all good!