Intimate lounges of Moscow, Kievskaya


  • Sexy Girls

    Sexy Girls
    апартаменты: 1 час - 5000 рублей, ночь - 25000 рублей выезд: 2 часа 10000 рублей.

    КВАРТИРА 2 ЭТАЖА!!! Лучшие в городе греха. Нас рекомендуют. Круглосуточно, без выходных. Бар, стриптиз, уютные апартаменты. Холодные напи...

  • На студенческой

    На студенческой
    1ч-3000 2ч-6000 ночь-16000 выезд:2ч-8000. ночь-16000

    Мы очень милые красивые сексуальные девушки. С нами ты забудишь обо всем.Ждем тебя в гости

  • Милашки на Киевской

    Милашки на Киевской
    часик 3000 2 часа 6000 Выезл 2 часа 10000

    У нас всегда отличное качество обслуживания и огромный выбор cамых красивых девушек.

Forget about everything to help appetizing girl sex parlors located near the Kievskaya metro station. These seductress of men's hearts, you tighten the very bottom of the sea of love. Mind you do not lose your head from these stunning beauties. They skillfully can bring any man to distraction by endless orgasm. Break out of their tender, passionate embrace is impossible. And why?


Here's what they offer you for a small fee:


  • Deep throating.
  • Vaginal intercourse.
  • Sex with penetration into the anus.
  • Classic fisting.
  • Golden Rain.
  • Strap.
  • Massage Sakura.
  • Fetish.
  • Tramplining.
  • Rimming and more.


Many people do not even know the meaning of some of these words. Therefore, they must visit sex parlors in the Kievskaya metro station. Believe me, it will be worth it. Discuss the details of the visit and the cost of services, please visit Mosdosug. You can also see photos of the young ladies of proven intim- salons. Many of them are not shy to show their breasts and pussy on such images. So it is possible to know in advance what to expect.


Do not take sex parlors in the Kiev subway station as the notorious brothels. All the ladies of these institutions are well educated and trained in all the subtleties of safe sex. They constantly pass medical examinations and care about their figure. Intimacy - salons carefully selected employees and value their reputation. These institutions are very interested in the fact that the customer was satisfied. Because only the most satisfied person will be able to advise these destinations to all your friends and acquaintances. And this is the best advertising for erotic salons. Operate such facilities around the clock.